The Leukaemia Diaries

The Leukaemia Diaries started life as a diary detailing author A.D. Hyde’s journey from diagnosis with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML) through fear of death, the joys of chemotherapy, and beyond. It is an emotional, honest and heartfelt account that not only engages, entertains and informs, but also comforts and inspires.

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The Mamma Nero Diaries

The Mamma Nero Diaries is a son’s tribute to his mother, and her unsung journey from poverty-stricken Italy to the cobbled streets of Manchester. The Diaries are full of humorous stories, as seen through a son’s eyes. They describe a life of hardship and sacrifice, but also of courage, principles, humour and hope…

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Other Books

Writing The Leukaemia Diaries brought out the author in A.D. Hyde and he currently has three more books in progress: two non-fiction and one fiction. Sign up to the newsletter for updates and publication dates or click below for the latest news on A.D. Hyde’s books and other projects… and watch this space!

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“In The Leukaemia Diaries, the author describes in a frank and honest way how he dealt with a life changing diagnosis… Thoroughly recommend this book for both the patient and family / carers.” ★★★★★

The Leukaemia Diaries reviews

The Mamma Nero Diaries brought me to tears and yet made me chuckle and laugh out loud too. A very frank and inspiring life story. Love it. Definitely recommend this book.” ★★★★★

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About A.D. Hyde, in his own words…

Anthony is a second-generation Italian who grew up on the cobbled streets of Manchester…well…when he says on, he really means close by…in a house. He spent most of his childhood watching Sci-Fi/Fantasy movies and fishing for newts and sticklebacks in the local canal. He dreamt of going to university, meeting and marrying the girl of his dreams, settling down to have a family and living happily ever after…and of course becoming an astronaut with magical powers. 

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