‘The Leukaemia Diaries’, available on Amazon, started life as just that, a diary detailing A.D. Hyde’s journey from just before being diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML), to the scary ‘I’m going to die’ bit, to the joys of chemotherapy, getting back to work and beyond. However, with every edit and every conversation with a fellow sufferer it transformed into what it is now, which is an emotional, honest and heartfelt account that not only aims to engage, entertain and inform, but also comfort and inspire. It will give family and friends an idea of what their loved ones are going through and what’s going through their mind at such a traumatic and terrifying time.

Cover of The Leukaemia Diaries, a book by AD Hyde

An extract from ‘The Leukaemia Diaries’

I have Lukemia? Or is it Leukemia….no…I think it’s Leukaemia…bugger it…I have cancer of the blood, and this is a documentary of my journey from just before being diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML), through the scary ‘I’m going to die’ bit, the joys of having bone marrow samples taken, chemotherapy, and then getting back to work and beyond.

I started writing this book because my wife said: “You really should write all this stuff down, it could help someone going through the same thing you are.” I guess what she meant by ‘all this stuff’, was all the experiences and emotions I was going through and the way I was coping with them. Initially, I thought it would be a bit egotistical of me to write a book on cancer. After all, what could I possibly have to say that would be worth listening to, never mind worth buying a book for?

But as time passed, I found myself talking to more and more people who were either suffering from some form of cancer or who had someone close to them who was affected. I began to realise that my outlook on cancer was different and my way of dealing with it was equally as unique, so perhaps I did have something useful to say.

A beautiful, honest, sensitive, and lovingly crafted piece of work.

Amazon reviewer

Author A.D.Hyde says: “I hope that sufferers of CML and cancer in general see that they are not as desperately alone as they sometimes think they are and that there are others going through the same experiences and thinking the same thoughts. I want them to know that there is no right or wrong way to act or behave, because we all deal with the possibility of death in our own unique way.”  

“I hope my little book ‘The Leukaemia Diaries’ can inspire and lift them out of a dark place, because I’ve always believed that a smile can bring light into the darkest of times and that laughter can heal.”

Frank, funny and heartwarming, this could resonate with anyone who has been there, is there, or is supporting someone on their own journey.

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