The Mamma-Nero Diaries. is a son’s tribute to his mother, and her unsung journey from war-torn and poverty-stricken Italy to the cobbled streets of Manchester. The Diaries are full of humorous stories, as seen through a son’s eyes. They describe a life of great hardship and sacrifice, but also of courage, principles, humour and hope… a hope that tomorrow would be better.

Anthony’s mother taught him so many things. She taught him that if a pigeon with a ring around its ankle lands in your backyard it means God wants you to make a pie tonight. She taught him that if people come to visit, you should feed them – even if it means you go hungry the next day… and when they leave, you give them any remaining food you have and some of your plates and cups as a parting gift. She taught him that the best way to end an argument was to smash all the plates and cups that were left over from the last lot of people who came to visit… She also taught him to buy cheap crockery.

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